Silent auction at Anglin Smith Fine Art – (Part of CFADA’s Art in the Park)!

Image 3

Thanks to those of you who stopped by for the art walk (Nov. 1) – a good time was had by all! Even with the threat of rain the gallery was full of people. We had a great response to the Surrounded by Water show! There is nothing better than sharing the enthusiasm of this art that we so enjoy!

That same weekend was Charleston Fine Art Weekend (CFADA). There were artists painting in  Washington Park on Saturday, Nov. 2, and it was a treat to watch them from start to finish! Each artist takes the painting back to their respective gallery where there is a box to place a sealed bid. Each gallery will notify the highest bidder on December 16.  The money raised will be presented to CFADA who in turn gives it to local schools for art supplies. We think it’s important to support the arts in our schools! This year, from Anglin Smith Fine Art,  Shannon Smith Hughes and Susan Mayfield painted in the park, in addition to the auction pieces created in the park, Betty Anglin Smith and Jennifer Smith Rogers each donated a painting to be included. So if you see something that catches your eye, make your way to the gallery and place a bid!

Image 2

Shannon painting in Washington Park.

Susan Mayfield is a visiting artist from Colorado. The piece in the auction is a pastel, but she also paints with oil. She is a delightful person, it was exciting to have her participate in this event and include her painting in the auction!

Susan Mayfield painting in Washington Park.

Susan Mayfield painting in Washington Park.

Below are the paintings up for auction at Anglin Smith Fine Art… You can also click on the link for each artist to see more paintings that are available (full price, not auction pieces):


Ferns in the Forest II by Betty Anglin Smith

Ferns in the Forest II by Betty Anglin Smith – 24×24 – Starting bid $2,200 (Retails for $4,800)


Dune Flowers by Jennifer Smith Rogers

Dune Flowers by Jennifer Smith Rogers – 10×8 – Starting bid $650 (Retails for $1,350)


Chalmers Fall  14x11  Starting bid $850

Chalmers Fall by Shannon Smith Hughes – 14×11 – Starting bid $850 (Retails for $1,750)

SUSAN MAYFIELD –  (Visiting Artist)

Morning on Chalmers by Susan Mayfield 11x14  Starting bid $550

Morning on Chalmers by Susan Mayfield – 11×14 – Starting bid $550

If you’re  in Charleston, SC stop by Anglin Smith Fine Art, or visit our website!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Behind the Scenes with Jennifer Smith Rogers!

"A rainy summer day when girls came to paint with me in the gallery."

“A rainy summer day when girls came to paint with me in the gallery.”

Jennifer Smith Rogers. She’s an amazing artist, wife, and mom as well as one of the nicest people you will meet. In this post we would like to share with you some of the behind the scenes photos of Jennifer and her family. It’s always nice to see into the lives of the artists we admire.

What a great photo of Jennifer and her girls, Ellie and Perrin. They’re all busy painting away! I wonder if they will follow in their mom’s footsteps? The painting above that Jennifer had started is called AMERICAN THEATER and is available at the gallery.

How many of you have passed by Anglin Smith Fine Art to see Jennifer painting in the window? She creates some fabulous paintings in this spot!

A peek into my "studio"...

A peek into my “studio”…

Weekend in Meggett…

Jennifer and her family (husband, Lad and daughters Ellie and Perrin) spent time at Meggett (Betty’s studio/cottage) this past weekend, and what fabulous photos they took! They had a chance to go crabbing, relax, take photos, and just be together!

Jennifer, Lad and Sampson

Jennifer, Lad and their English Setter, Coleman!

Look at the size of the crab the girls caught! What great memories!


Ellie and Perrin

I think they might be experts…

Jennifer crabbing with the girls...

Jennifer crabbing with the girls…

Jennifer also took some photographs to refer to at a later date… endless inspiration at Meggett!

Image 1

What a view!

What a view!

Meet Coleman! I think he likes to pose for the camera. What a character!


"Coleman hunting fiddler crabs"

“Coleman hunting fiddler crabs”

Favorite things…

The painting on the easel is Sea Breeze, and it’s available in the gallery… this was painted plein air at China Beach (San Rafael, CA)… Jennifer purchased this easel on

"I love my new plein air easel called an Open M Box. I am anxious to paint plein air more often!"

“I love my new plein air easel called an Open Box M. I am anxious to paint plein air more often!”

"I often photograph this view from the old bridge bc I live so old mt pleasant."

“I often photograph this view from the old bridge because I live so close…in old Mt Pleasant.”

"I am always calmed and  inspired by a full moon! Sometimes I slip out of the house with my camera  to the old pitt st bridge nearby to capture the rising moon. Either there or the new boardwalk on shem creek are my quick "go-tos" if there is an irresistible sunset or moonrise happening."

“I am always calmed and inspired by a full moon! Sometimes I slip out of the house with my camera to the old Pitt St bridge nearby to capture the rising moon. Either there or the new boardwalk on Shem Creek are my quick “go-tos” if there is an irresistible sunset or moonrise happening.”

"Sullivans Island...."my heaven on earth""

Sullivan’s Island….”my Heaven on earth”

As a special treat… one of Jennifer’s favorite recipes! Who doesn’t like to try a new recipe? Click here for a printable version… this one is a family favorite!

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 2.23.29 PM

Love of Sports…

Jennifer and her family truly love sports. Here is proof…

“Ellie (10) and Perrin (7) at the Clemson/Georgia game. We enjoy going to Clemson and Florida football games as a family. I am a Clemson grad and a Lad is a Florida grad although he grew up in a big Clemson family.”

Ellie and Perrin!

The girls and I at Clemson/Georgia game a few weeks ago…

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 4.07.04 PM

Lad and girls…we went to the Family Circle Cup this year. We love tennis! The girls are avid players and even play in USTA tournaments sometimes. Watching them play has inspired me to want to play. I am actually about to join a fall tennis team (2.5). We often play as a family too….the girls always win!

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 4.10.01 PM

The girls got to meet Venus Williams when she was here for the Family Circle Cup. She was delightful and all class!

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 4.11.25 PM

Lad and I at the Preakness (horse race) in Baltimore this yr. We have developed a love for the horses. The betting is fun too!

The Kentucky Derby is such a unique experience …everyone should put it on their bucket list!

WOW! Talk about memories! What a cool family, huh?

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 4.24.08 PM

We took the girls to the Kentucky Derby last year and they got to meet the winner “I’ll Have Another”!

[image credit: sheila ross]

Perrin and Ellie with “I’ll Have Another” – Winner of the 2012 Kentucky Derby!  [image credit: Sheila Ross]

More A.R.T! 

Lad, Jennifer, Shannon and Clay – Jennifer and Shannon both donated paintings for the live auction at this years Heart Ball… They truly have a good time in each others company!

Lad, Jennifer, Shannon & Clay

We will leave you with these final images… progression shots of one of Jennifer’s latest paintings. This was a commission that is headed to England! Jennifer has become well-known for her Charleston rooftop scenes, like the one that hangs in McCrady’s Restaurant

Amazing, right? Now that’s what I call talent!

Image 17

If you’re  in Charleston, SC stop by Anglin Smith Fine Art, or visit our website!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Leigh Limehouse – The Engine That Runs The Gallery

Image 1

Anne Fishburne, Jennifer Smith Rogers, Betty Anglin Smith and Leigh Limehouse

Leigh Limehouse, Gallery Director for Anglin Smith Fine Art… for  those of you who have met Leigh know that she is so much more than that. She has worked at the gallery for 10 years, everyone who knows her, loves her. It’s her job not to only open the gallery, sell paintings and lock up when she leaves; Leigh also plans the events, exhibitions and art walks. She designs all the marketing material, art cards and advertisements.  The rapport that Leigh has with clients is unmistakable. They are fond of her, and so are we.  Leigh is the heart and soul of the gallery.

aug13 lland girlsjpg

In addition to being the gallery director, Leigh is also the subject of a few of Shannon’s paintings!

"Gallery Guestbook" by Shannon Smith Hughes

“Gallery Guestbook” by Shannon Smith Hughes

"Reading Room" by Shannon Smith Hughes

“Reading Room” by Shannon Smith Hughes

Those of you who know Leigh, know that this has been a challenging time for her, and for her family. Her husband, Seph, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer in 2009, while she was pregnant with their daughter, Ellen. Seph has undergone several surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. He was declared cancer free in 2011, but the cancer returned. . . twice.  His cancer had metastasized to lymph nodes in his abdomen.  Dr.’s put him on a new drug called Stivarga, only with the hopes that is would localize the cancer and keep it from spreading to any major organs.  However, a recent scan this July has proved the drug much more affective. The scan showed Seph CANCER FREE! Their prayers have been answered. 

Seph, Ellen and Leigh… what a good looking family!

Leigh, Ellen and Seph

Leigh, and her daughter, Ellen… ah, the joy!

Aug2013 baby ellen and leigh

Photo by John Michiels

Seph and Ellen… Sweet, tender moments…

aug2013 seph and baby ellen

Ellen is certainly growing up to be a sweet young lady!

Image: CircaChildrenFB

Image: CircaChildrenFB

I wonder if Ellen will be working at the gallery one day?

Image 2

Or… maybe she will be a model? Ellen is a sweetie!

Image 3

So we would like to thank everyone for all their kind wishes, prayers and happy thoughts to show such overwhelming support. It’s wonderful people like you that truly make a difference!

Aug2013 leigh and betty

I think Betty summed their relationship up quite nicely… “Leigh is as much as the heart and soul of the gallery as the artists and she is definitely the engine that keeps it running… we are family…

If you’re in the area, stop by the gallery and say hello! We look forward to helping you with all your art endeavors!

8th Annual Palette & Palate Stroll – Charleston, SC – JULY 19, 2013

Anglin Smith Fine Art

8th Annual Palette & Palate Stroll – Charleston, SC

Tickets are $45 – purchase from

JULY 19, 2013  5:30 – 7:30PM

Quite the novel concept, don’t you think? The idea of combining an event around art (palette) and food (palate) – brilliant! Truly, an evening filled with fine art, wine and spectacular food from some of Charleston’s very best restaurants. See below for the list of galleries and their restaurant pairing. This event usually sells out, so buy your tickets early.

On the night of the event you stroll from gallery to gallery, and while admiring the art you can sample some of the food that is prepared by the restaurant paired with the gallery. Anglin Smith Fine Art was fortunate to be paired with Circa 1886, although each and every restaurant is high caliber. You will not want to miss this event!

This is a great time to support the arts in the Charleston community while doing the things you love… food, wine, and fine art… but get your ticket now, before they’re sold out!

Information from Charleston Fine Art Dealers Association (CFADA):

2013 Pairings

Anglin Smith Fine Art  – Circa 1886
Corrigan GalleryBarsa Tapas
Dog & Horse Fine ArtLucca
Ella W. Richardson Fine ArtSocial
Helena Fox Fine ArtAnson
Horton Hayes Fine ArtOak
The Sylvan GalleryHalls Chophouse
Martin GalleryTristan
Robert Lange StudiosCypress

As always, begin at any of the galleries and make your way at your own pace.  Each gallery will have bites from the restaurants and some liquid refreshment.  The event takes place rain or shine and tickets are nonrefundable.

Join us the middle of July each year for our annual Palette & Palate Stroll, an evening dedicated to fine art, cuisine and wine. Connoisseurs will stroll through the historic streets of downtown Charleston, delighting their senses in Charleston’s charms for a memorable evening. They will enjoy an array of breathtaking art, created by nationally and internationally renowned artists at the city’s most prominent galleries, and indulge in tastings of fine cuisine prepared by Charleston’s circle of prestigious chefs.

The July event begins at 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. and is presented benefiting its visual arts scholarship. The scholarship funds have gone to the Gibbes Museum of Art, Redux Contemporary Art Center and the Studio Art Department at the College of Charleston. Reservations highly recommended as the event often sells out. Tickets will be available online a few weeks before the event. Tickets are nonrefundable. Questions may be directed to the organization by calling 843 819 8006 or emailing

Palette & Palate Stroll - 2012

Palette & Palate Stroll – 2012

Evening Gathering, Anglin Smith Fine Art, Charleston, SC

Anglin Smith Fine Art, Charleston, SC

We look forward to seeing you at the gallery!


Anglin Smith Fine Art Gallery

Betty Anglin Smith… a few of her favorite things…


Recently I asked Betty Anglin Smith to let us in on a few of her favorite things… some art related, some not… and boy, does she ever have FABULOUS favorite things!

Here it is… the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Image 1

“Can’t paint without underpainting of cadmium colors”

And ooooh, that’s what makes Betty’s painting so fabulous, and so, well, “Betty”!

Image 2

“Love working on large scale canvases”

Betty’s work makes such a statement on a large canvas. No wonder she likes it so much! Rich bold colors, local subject matter and perfect composition… Every. Single. Time.

Studio with a view...

“80% or more of my paintings are from views around the studio”

And what a view it is! Imagine this view day after day… No wonder she paints it often!

Home cooked meal on porch after painting

“Enjoy a home cooked meal with a cold glass of chardonnay on the porch after a day of painting”

Oooh, does that ever look good… healthy too… Looks like we’re going to have to get a recipe or two from Betty!

Image 6

“Enjoy visitors to the studio”

Visitors?? Eeeeek! Betty has a big heart to call a snake a visitor… my opinion!

Time to recharge!

“Hammock time is important to refresh the creative flow”

Wise lady… before you start another painting it’s time to recharge! And what a fabulous place to do so! Heaven on earth!

A special place...

“A special place”

This makes me utterly speechless! Beauty beyond belief… and a great deal of inspiration!

Betty's grandchildren keep her young!

Betty's grandchildren...

“Grandchildren keep me young”

Ahhh, so that”s the secret!

betty Bose Sounddock 0613

“Music while painting is from music I’ve downloaded on my iPhone. I Plug it into the Bose SoundDock for amazing sound”

I think these sound systems are amazing. They offer such fabulous sound in small package, what’s not to love! I’m not sure the exact model Betty has, but this Bose SoundDock Series II Digital Music System is listed as their “most popular”, and is a great deal at only $199.95 through Bose.

0613 bas john hiatt Lucinda Williams - bas bobdylan bas neilyoung bas RobertPlant bas WillieNelson

“I’m big into Americana music…  John HiattLucinda WilliamsBob DylanNeil Young, Robert Plant and Willie Nelson

Good selection Betty!

Until next time…

Image Credits:

Betty Anglin Smith

Bose (Sound Dock) (music)

Welcome to the Anglin Smith Blog!

SmithKillian crp TSmith


Welcome to the Smith Killian Fine Art Blog. We would like to invite you into our gallery, in addition to showing new work, we will share with you information about our artists and provide a forum for you to learn more about the personal side of each artist. Do you ever wonder what provides inspiration for our artists? What they’ve been up to in the art world? Would you like to know what is going on in their lives that could possibly contribute to the next fantastic painting? Who are their mentors? When is the next workshop? When is the next charity auction and what paintings are being contributed… and possibly even… what is their favorite recipe?


Life is a journey and we hope you join us. We have an influential group of artists who never stop pushing themselves to be the best they can be! Remember, we are always here to assist you in your art work endeavor. If you happen to be in the Charleston, SC area, we would love to meet you, stop by and say hello! You may even run into Jennifer painting in the gallery! (Image: Carolina Photosmith)

Smith Killian Fine Art Gallery features work by Lowcountry artist Betty Anglin Smith as well as her triplets, painters Jennifer Smith RogersShannon Smith and photographer Tripp Smith. Sculptures in bronze by Darrell Davis, sculptures in glass by Victor Chiarizia, works in oil by Kim English and Colin Page are also available. The gallery also represents paintings and drawing from the estate of Carl Plansky. Subject matter ranges from local and European landscapes to architectural works and still life, figurative and abstract.

Smith Killian Fine Art is located at 9 Queen Street (corner of Church and Queen) in beautiful Charleston, SC.

We are open Mon – Sat 10AM – 5PM and on Sunday from 12PM – 4PM.

Feel free to contact us at 843.853.0708.

Until next time…