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15-Year Anniversary Auction

The Smiths are celebrating 15 years of business in this beautiful historic location. In honor of this anniversary we are offering you this selection of paintings and photographs for auction in appreciation of your support and patronage. The bidding will begin November 12th and end promptly at 5:00pm EST on December 12th. Bids can be placed by email or telephone and will start at 66% of the retail price. All works are available for your viewing at the gallery and online. We are humbly grateful for your support over the last 15 years.

A selection of the paintings are below. Click here for the full collection.


Betty Anglin Smith
The Preserve
60×48 o/l
Retail: $17,800
Reserve: $11,750


Jennifer Smith Rogers
Down Chalmers
30×36 framed o/l
Retail: $5,100
Reserve: $3,350


Shannon Smith Hughes
Bananas Foster
54×30 framed o/l
Retail: $6,800
Reserve: $4,500


Carl Plansky
30×22 framed o/l
Retail: $5,200
Reserve: $3,400


Colin Page
Seafood Spread
50×38 framed o/l
Retail: $11,000
Reserve: $7,250


Kim English
Quimper France
24×22 framed o/l
Retail: $4,000
Reserve: $2,600


Tripp Smith
South Santee
21×42 framed photograph
Retail: $1,400
Reserve: $900


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