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Shannon Smith Hughes – TRANSITIONS – Oct. 4-18, 2013



Opening reception is Friday, October 4, 2013 from 5-8pm

Shannon has recently been through a series of transitions in her life and has been one busy artist. She just got back from her travels to Maine as a part of the Plein Air Painters of the Southeast (more on that coming soon). Shannon’s show TRANSITIONS is going to be amazing!

"Rustic Rendezvous" by Shannon Smith Hughes 24x24 o/l

Rustic Rendezvous by Shannon Smith Hughes
24×24 o/l

In Shannon’s words…

This collection of paintings suggest signs of transitions through various symbolic forms; doors, roads, rising tides, changing weather, dramatic sunsets, as well as the decline on our local shrimping industry. We are designed to adapt and adjust to our ever changing environment. Such changes in our daily routines and responsibilities help shape and mold our character. I am experiencing the most significant and exciting transition in my life thus far; marriage, entering step motherhood, moving into a new home and studio.

"Surf and Sky" by Shannon Smith Hughes 48x60 o/l

Surf and Sky by Shannon Smith Hughes
48×60 o/l

Shannon is known for her ability to catch the light in paintings… and in this collection she does not disappoint! She has the innate ability to capture the scene, the feel and the very essence of every scene that she paints.

End of the Road XI by Shannon Smith Hughes 36x36 o/l

End of the Road XI by Shannon Smith Hughes
36×36 o/l

For someone who has been as busy as Shannon has this past year, she has really come up with some beautiful paintings for her exhibit.  Shannon’s show begins this Friday – you can view her exhibit online now! It’s going to be a perfect time of year for an art walk!

If you’re  in Charleston, SC stop by Anglin Smith Fine Art, or visit our website!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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