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Shannon Smith Hughes – New Studio!

Image 18

Nice, right? This is Shannon’s brand new studio, it was built in an unfinished room over the garage. I think it’s the perfect place to inspire her to continue to paint the fabulous paintings she’s known for.  This studio was a lot of work and dedication!  Shannon recently married Clay Hughes, and together they set out to build Shannon a dream studio. I would say they succeeded! So much going on in a short period of time… getting married, moving and building a studio… all that in addition to PAINTING!  I think it’s great that Shannon took photos of the process as it unfolded…

Construction begins…

Image 2

Shannon said the color on the walls is called BURMA JADE by Sherwin Williams (SW2862“it is a light wash on ship lap pine walls. We were originally going to white wash the ship lap a creamy white, but went to Palmetto Bluff for our family show in April and saw it in the town center and loved it!” The ship lap pine walls add such nice detail!

Image 5

Loft space completed…

Image 7

So close! Getting ready to move in…

Image 20

Ahhh, the fun part… time to unpack! Notice the shelves that hold the props that Shannon uses in her paintings…

Image 21

One of the many things Shannon unpacked was her paint… I asked her why she likes Blue Ridge Oil Color paint in comparison to others… her response: “They are handcrafted in Asheville, NC.  I like the idea of supporting local!  Also the fact that they are made with a linseed and walnut oil blend creates a nice juicy consistency.”

Image 19

Can you imagine a space this beautiful to spend your days painting? Note the loft space, for storage and for sleeping. They are in the process of having a library ladder designed and built for easy access.

Image 14

Shannon has a few studio buddies to keep her company while she’s painting…

Meet Gigi. Gigi is a golden retriever mix…

Image 9

…and Ollie is a flame point himalayan. They look like fine companions!

Image 10

How rewarding to be a part of the process from the very beginning! Under Ollie’s watchful eye…

Image 16

Here is the setup of the first piece painted in the new studio… Green was a wise choice… striking!

Image 11

The beginning of the painting…

Image 12

And another shot…

Image 13

The final painting “Fresh Cotton”   –  I would say the studio endeavor was a wild success, wouldn’t you?

"Fresh Cotton" by Shannon Smith Hughes (sold)

“Fresh Cotton” by Shannon Smith Hughes (sold)

Next month Shannon heads to Maine to plein air paint and be part of a show for PAPSE (Plein Air Painters of the Southeast). More details coming soon!

If you’re  in Charleston, SC stop by Anglin Smith Fine Art, or visit our website!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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3 thoughts on “Shannon Smith Hughes – New Studio!

  1. So thrilled to see her walk into new digs, a new marriage, and a familiar profession! Just happy, happy, happy for her. That green wall paint is unique and inspiring and whoa did it ever inspire. I love the ‘Fresh Cotton’.

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