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Leigh Limehouse – The Engine That Runs The Gallery

Image 1

Anne Fishburne, Jennifer Smith Rogers, Betty Anglin Smith and Leigh Limehouse

Leigh Limehouse, Gallery Director for Anglin Smith Fine Art… for  those of you who have met Leigh know that she is so much more than that. She has worked at the gallery for 10 years, everyone who knows her, loves her. It’s her job not to only open the gallery, sell paintings and lock up when she leaves; Leigh also plans the events, exhibitions and art walks. She designs all the marketing material, art cards and advertisements.  The rapport that Leigh has with clients is unmistakable. They are fond of her, and so are we.  Leigh is the heart and soul of the gallery.

aug13 lland girlsjpg

In addition to being the gallery director, Leigh is also the subject of a few of Shannon’s paintings!

"Gallery Guestbook" by Shannon Smith Hughes

“Gallery Guestbook” by Shannon Smith Hughes

"Reading Room" by Shannon Smith Hughes

“Reading Room” by Shannon Smith Hughes

Those of you who know Leigh, know that this has been a challenging time for her, and for her family. Her husband, Seph, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer in 2009, while she was pregnant with their daughter, Ellen. Seph has undergone several surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. He was declared cancer free in 2011, but the cancer returned. . . twice.  His cancer had metastasized to lymph nodes in his abdomen.  Dr.’s put him on a new drug called Stivarga, only with the hopes that is would localize the cancer and keep it from spreading to any major organs.  However, a recent scan this July has proved the drug much more affective. The scan showed Seph CANCER FREE! Their prayers have been answered. 

Seph, Ellen and Leigh… what a good looking family!

Leigh, Ellen and Seph

Leigh, and her daughter, Ellen… ah, the joy!

Aug2013 baby ellen and leigh

Photo by John Michiels

Seph and Ellen… Sweet, tender moments…

aug2013 seph and baby ellen

Ellen is certainly growing up to be a sweet young lady!

Image: CircaChildrenFB

Image: CircaChildrenFB

I wonder if Ellen will be working at the gallery one day?

Image 2

Or… maybe she will be a model? Ellen is a sweetie!

Image 3

So we would like to thank everyone for all their kind wishes, prayers and happy thoughts to show such overwhelming support. It’s wonderful people like you that truly make a difference!

Aug2013 leigh and betty

I think Betty summed their relationship up quite nicely… “Leigh is as much as the heart and soul of the gallery as the artists and she is definitely the engine that keeps it running… we are family…

If you’re in the area, stop by the gallery and say hello! We look forward to helping you with all your art endeavors!


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