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The Smith’s Summer Travels…

The Smith’s have been busy painting and collecting ideas for future paintings while on their summer travels… we thought you would enjoy hearing the latest!

"Nicasio" by Jennifer Smith Rogers

“Nicasio” by Jennifer Smith Rogers

Jennifer Smith Rogers flew to California to be part of a plein air workshop with Tim Horn. I admire artists who take the time to freshen their ideas/perspectives! Jennifer is an immensley talented artist, and I truly believe you will love her plein air pieces every bit as much as her other fabulous work! Jennifer traveled to several neat areas (a good reason to take a workshop, you can find lots of really great spots to paint that you may otherwise not be privy to)!

Panama Inn & Restaurant Image: JSR Facebook

Panama Hotel & Restaurant   Image: JSR Facebook

Like this neat little place that she found called Panama Hotel & Restaurant – they had music, food, it was a great time to relax after a full day painting!

The first area where Jennifer painted is called China Camp Village in China Camp State Park (San Rafeal, CA). It’s a small fishing village with approximately ten rustic buildings on the edge of the bay with Marin in the background. Can you think of a better place to paint? Jennifer found some fabulous subject matter. It’s not always easy to narrow it down when you’re plein air painting… Here is a painting from that location:

"China Camp Village" by Jennifer Smith Rogers

“China Camp Village” by Jennifer Smith Rogers

China Camp Village is a fabulous painting! The way Jennifer captured the light, the shadows and the quirkiness of the old building is outstanding!

She also painted in an area called Nicasio, CA. Nicasio is located out in the country with beautiful hillside views. Jennifer snapped some photos while in California for future paintings…

"Nicasio Cows" by Jennifer Smith Rogers

“Nicasio Cows” by Jennifer Smith Rogers

Jennifer said she’s never painted cows before! What?? These cows look like they could walk right off the painting! Jennifer painted this one when she got back to Charleston – it is so striking!

The last  area that she painted was near St. Vincent’s Home for Boys – a country settings with all kinds of subject matter. I love it when an artist has a photo of their painting as well as the subject. Have you ever noticed that paintings are always so much better than what they are actually painting? Jennifer’s is no exception. I cannot imagine the experience needed to paint something this fabulous and make it look so easy!

"St. Vincent's Home for Boys" by Jennifer Smith Rogers

“St. Vincent’s Chapel” by Jennifer Smith Rogers

One of the hardest things to do when you’re painting plein air is to come up with a defined area to paint. Jennifer has an eye for catching the right composition and this painting is a perfect example!

After arriving back from California, Jennifer headed to Clemson where her daughters were attending a tennis camp. She was able to take advantage of her time there and get a few plein air paintings in… They are framed and in the gallery!

"College Avenue" by Jennifer Smith Rogers

“College Avenue” by Jennifer Smith Rogers

"Tillman Hall" by Jennifer Smith Rogers - {image}

“Tillman Hall” by Jennifer Smith Rogers

Betty Anglin Smith has just returned from a fabulous (and at moments harrowing!) trip to Colorado! We look so forward to seeing her paintings and hearing more about her trip. She has taken some fabulous photos for you to see… here is a tease, look for that post next month!

Betty's photo: "The wildflowers were amazing"

Betty’s photo: “The wildflowers were amazing”

Shannon Smith Hughes recently returned from a vacation to Nantucket with her husband, Clay. She said she is inspired and cannot wait to begin to paint some of the beautiful areas that she saw!

Shannon's photo of Nantucket, MA

Shannon’s photo of Nantucket, MA

I can see some fabulous paintings in their future! We’ll keep you updated with more details and photos next month!

Be sure to stop in Anglin Smith Fine Art if you’re in the area or check out our website, we look forward to meeting you!


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