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Meet Tripp Smith, the man behind the camera…


Meet Tripp Smith, the man BEHIND the camera…

Tripp is one of the Smith triplets (along with artists Jennifer Smith Rogers and Shannon Smith Hughes). Having Betty Anglin Smith as a mom has to be pretty cool.  They are all talented when it comes to art and Tripp is no exception! Recently I asked Tripp about his favorite things, which is always fascinating…


On his list were, “my family, wife and kids – the love of my life”! Tripp is married to Jessica, and has two children, Walker and Hadley. What a beautiful family!

Tripp and Jessica

 Betty's grandchildren...

Tripp likes to visit Betty’s studio in Meggett and venture out on the skiff to go red fishing in the flats behind the house.

Tripp flats at meggett

Tripp Jessica Hadley Redfish

Being outdoors “hiking, camping, canoeing, surfing” are also activities Tripp enjoys. He says he loves good Southern food and drinking micro-brewed beer. Tripp enjoys hanging out with friends around the backyard fire pit or shooting pool in the garage.

Tripp fire pit

Other favorite things… naps, which are apparently rare, music “anything but rap and country” as well as… (and this will come as no surprise)…  landscape photography, “especially the shots taken in nature without influence of man”. Last but not least… Architectural Photography – “taking photos of stunning homes where no expense was spared in design and craftsmanship”. For example…


Combining his love of photography and his admiration for high-end living, Tripp is also the Art Director/Photographer for Luxury Simplified.

Here is a brief description from their website:

The Luxury Simplified Group is a partnership of like-minded services – in real estate, marketing, design, renovation, interior design, property investment and hospitality – assembled under one roof to give you an edge in the real estate market.

Recently Luxury Simplified hosted an invite only art exhibit including 20 paintings and photography as well as a silent auction including a piece from each of the Smith’s to raise money for the construction of River Oaks Girls Home, an orphanage to be built on Johns Island.  There was live music by Tom Noren and food by An Epicurean Feast.

Smithsat Luxury Simplified

TS luxurysimplified

Tripp meettheartist luxurysimplified

The Smith’s have always been very generous when it comes to supporting a good cause… here are the four pieces that were auctioned.

Botany Bay II by Betty Anglin Smith


Single Pine by Jennifer Smith Rogers


Boatyard Buddies by Shannon Smith Hughes


Shifting Sands by Tripp Smith


Now you know a little more about the man behind the camera! Stop by the gallery at 9 Queen Street in Charleston, SC if you’re in the area, otherwise peruse our website at your leisure!


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