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Betty Anglin Smith… a few of her favorite things…


Recently I asked Betty Anglin Smith to let us in on a few of her favorite things… some art related, some not… and boy, does she ever have FABULOUS favorite things!

Here it is… the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Image 1

“Can’t paint without underpainting of cadmium colors”

And ooooh, that’s what makes Betty’s painting so fabulous, and so, well, “Betty”!

Image 2

“Love working on large scale canvases”

Betty’s work makes such a statement on a large canvas. No wonder she likes it so much! Rich bold colors, local subject matter and perfect composition… Every. Single. Time.

Studio with a view...

“80% or more of my paintings are from views around the studio”

And what a view it is! Imagine this view day after day… No wonder she paints it often!

Home cooked meal on porch after painting

“Enjoy a home cooked meal with a cold glass of chardonnay on the porch after a day of painting”

Oooh, does that ever look good… healthy too… Looks like we’re going to have to get a recipe or two from Betty!

Image 6

“Enjoy visitors to the studio”

Visitors?? Eeeeek! Betty has a big heart to call a snake a visitor… my opinion!

Time to recharge!

“Hammock time is important to refresh the creative flow”

Wise lady… before you start another painting it’s time to recharge! And what a fabulous place to do so! Heaven on earth!

A special place...

“A special place”

This makes me utterly speechless! Beauty beyond belief… and a great deal of inspiration!

Betty's grandchildren keep her young!

Betty's grandchildren...

“Grandchildren keep me young”

Ahhh, so that”s the secret!

betty Bose Sounddock 0613

“Music while painting is from music I’ve downloaded on my iPhone. I Plug it into the Bose SoundDock for amazing sound”

I think these sound systems are amazing. They offer such fabulous sound in small package, what’s not to love! I’m not sure the exact model Betty has, but this Bose SoundDock Series II Digital Music System is listed as their “most popular”, and is a great deal at only $199.95 through Bose.

0613 bas john hiatt bn.com Lucinda Williams - bn.com bas bobdylan bn.com bas neilyoung bn.com bas RobertPlant bn.com bas WillieNelson bn.com

“I’m big into Americana music…  John HiattLucinda WilliamsBob DylanNeil Young, Robert Plant and Willie Nelson

Good selection Betty!

Until next time…

Image Credits:

Betty Anglin Smith

Bose (Sound Dock)

BN.com (music)


3 thoughts on “Betty Anglin Smith… a few of her favorite things…

    • Thank you! She’s a neat lady and its always interesting to learn about what others find to be a favorite! Betty has some cool favorites that make her the artist she is!

  1. Wonderful, you captured the real lady behind all that talent. I agree how important to know how to recharge! What inspiration. Mom

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